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Giving Up Some and Growing Up Some More

In the spirit of Lent I have been trying to decide one action to refrain from doing and one good action to add to my life. After some minor contemplation (hmm...chocolate, coffee, ice cream?) and honest acceptance that I could not omit anything too good like coffee, my cell phone or sex, I decided I won't check facebook after sundown. Lame, I know. But, this is new to me and it's a start.

Now, about something good to begin doing. And, again, I'm just being honest. I will not take the time to volunteer at a food shelter. I thought about donating money to the local SPCA. I also thought about trying to say something positive to everyone I encounter each day, "That is a lovely shirt you are wearing. That email you wrote was very articulate. I can tell you put a lot of thought into this project." Yeah, I can do that. And I'll try not to say something mean in my mind after the positive comment, "Too bad that shirt is too tight on you. And while we are on the su…

My Latest Adventure

I've sipped margaritas at sunset while sitting on the beach in the Caribbean. I've swam at the foot of gorgeous waterfalls in a tropical rain forest. I've lounged on my back, looking up at the stars while listening to a symphony orchestra. I've heard the hush of the guards within the Sistine Chapel. I've felt the cold ocean water on my face at the Cliffs of Moor. I've sipped Turkish coffee on a carpet in the desert while smoking tobacco from a hukah pipe. And no, I'm not trying to impress you with my life's travels and entertainment.

I've been a few places and done a few things in my life and I'm blessed for all of the exciting adventures I've had and the many memories I've created with friends and loved ones. So many of these moments have been truly life changing and challenging. I've grown and matured, expanded my horizons and tested myself. I've stepped outside my comfort zone and have often been rewarded with a "pinch me&…

Excuse Me! Can Somebody Help Me?

The economy is slow and there are less and less job opportunities out there. What type of skills does one need today to ride through this global crisis? Of course experience and a solid resume are a good start. But what are those key qualities every employer seeks? Quality work, dependability, strong written and verbal communication skills, honesty and integrity, to name a few. But what is that last line you always see in every job advertisement and frankly, should be in all personal ads as well?

"Wanted. Sexy, athletic man. Must be able to cook, clean and sing lullabies. Background in massage a plus. Must be comfortable driving a mini van and carrying a diaper bag. Strong customer service skills required to cater to high-level client. "

Why is it that we are nicer to everyone around us and rudest to our family members? It starts with our blood relatives. At home, as a child, I was a brat. As a teenager it never occurred to me that my caustic words hurt my mom's…