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My Life-Long Group Project

Some have accused me of being a nerd, of being a school lover. I'm not afraid of the fact that I greatly enjoy learning and, as a youth, I wanted to go to school (almost) every day. I found many classes enlightening, eye opening and passion igniting. As an adult, I miss being in the classroom and I miss reading amazing books and feeling transformed after a class discussion. It's probably not too much of a surprise that I didn't mind writing papers, either. However, there were a lot of things about school that I didn't particularly like. And I mean besides experiencing puberty in front of an audience of critical peers, participating in pep rallies, and not having enough time between class periods to get my books from my locker and go to the bathroom. Academically speaking, in my mind, there was nothing worse than math class and group projects. p> I just cringe thinking back to algebra, geometry, and in college- number theory (a math class in which we wrote about ma…

Optimistic People All Have One Thing In Common: Punctual People Hate Them

Andy recently sent me an article ( that people who are optimistic have one thing in common- they are all late. The article, written by someone who is always late, expresses sympathy for tardy people, and states that tardiness is hard wired in one's brain. That's right. People who are late have no choice. They were born this way. The downside is that society harshly criticizes these delayed folks, especially American society, a group of people who are particularly hard on the late arrivals. The author writes, "When people are late, it’s assumed they feel their time is more important or valuable. Americans believe time is money and money is time." Despite the challenges late people have to face in this world full of judgmental jerks, there is good news, the author writes. "Chronically late people aren't hopeless, they're hopeful." These happy-go-lu…