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What I Learned On Vacation

Since Caroline was born, Andy has participated in many a man-cation, from hunting in Northern Minnesota to living the fantasy at baseball camp, Andy has had no problem-o ditching the wife and kids for a few days of fun in the sun, or woods. I envy him because, since I've become a mom, I've really struggled to find time for myself. I feel guilty going to the grocery store by myself let alone flying off to a tropical location for some time sans kids.

Andy and his buddies had been planning a southern man-cation for many months. At first, when I would inquire about the trip, he would scoff and say that his friend was crazy and that there was no way that he would even consider flying away, in the middle of the winter, for several days of manly R&R. Andy loves to please and hates to make me mad, so he often does this to me; tells me one thing while doing another. I've got his number so it really wasn't much of a surprise to me when he came home one day to tell me that y…

In Support of Guns, To You Know, Kill the Zombies

I decided to add another resolution to my already ambitious list-learn how to properly handle and shoot a gun. What?! You say. This can't be? Really? If you know me you are thinking this for several reasons, the first being that I'm a card carrying liberal who supports pacifists, dislikes hunting and argues that guns kill too many innocent people. I've never really understood the passion people have for the right to bear arms or why you would tote a gun rack in the back of your pick up truck or have a hand gun as a hobby.

The other reason why you may question, or be in fear of, this decision, is due to my lack of common sense and an inability to understand the mechanics behind how things work. During freshman year of college my friend, Smitty, had to plug the phone into the jack for me because I didn't understand why the phone didn't work. Just a month ago, another friend, Sara (also known as "my other husband" because she does this kind of stuff all the …

For a Boy-Valentine's Day

5 haikus for a boy:

Happy V Day, Boy,
Eight Happy Years With You, Love.
Here's to many, many more.

I love you so much.
You rock my world day and night.
Please, do the laundry.

To my best friend, Andy.
You are so very handy.
Glad you are around.

We like to bicker.
Others say, glad that's not us.
Glad you're not us, too.

Andy is my rock.
I am better thanks to him.
Hope he feels the same.

And a few for a few girls:

Your little round face,
The sparkle in your kind eyes,
My perfect sweetheart-love you!

You came out quickly.
And you've been running ever since.
I love you, my elf.