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Me and Fate: A Groovy Kind of Love

This is my confession. I've been thinking through this post for a long time. Finding the right words has been challenging and I hope that I can do justice to this message. The world is a mysterious and magical place. I believe in fate. I believe that the universe speaks to us, if we are willing to listen. Yes, we must listen. If we listen very closely, we can hear messages. Very important messages. Messages from very important people. I don't remember when I got my first message. It may have been in college. College is a tough time, full of end-of-teen/not-yet-an adult angst and studying, studying, and more studying. For me to study my best, I need music. I know it's odd but stuff seems to sink in when I'm listening to music. Music helps me focus. Music like that of the great Phil Collins. To me, it's not a cooincidence that I hear Phil at least every day. And no, it's not because I have all of his albums downloaded on my ipod or that I have a Phil Collins Pa…

If You Take Your Socially Awkward Spouse to a Party

If you invite your socially awkward spouse to a party, he's going to ask you if he has to go. When you say yes, he'll probably tell you he's come down ill. When you tell him he's bluffing, he'll ask if you can postpone. Then, he'll complain the whole way there that he doesn't know anybody and he has "nothing in common with these people." When you get there, he'll hover awkwardly behind you, so you'll have to get used to having a giant shadow. When he builds the confidence to stand next to you, he'll want you to do all of the talking. When you do all of the talking, he'll later tell you that you were too animated and all of your arm movements, and nodding in agreement, and smiling, made him nervous. As you talk, he'll stand in a corner, thumbing his phone. You'll give him the eyebrow raise, aka code for get over here, but he's too busy checking his fantasy team and fantasizing that he is far, far away from here. You…