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Musings for late September

It's that time. I am too tired and wiped out to write anything of substance but I promised myself I'd write at least every two weeks so I'll do some haikus. I promise a better blog very soon! Many ideas circulating in the cob webbed brain of mine.Bad Blood Singing Taylor Swift,So catchy, yet annoying. Time to grow up girl.Luckiest Boy Making fun of himis my favorite thing to do. Married to me. Lucky Boy.Children Kids! Go to bed now! She tells me to stop yelling then kisses my feet.The Bus Dave takes the day off. The substitute drives by us. We really miss Dave.Our Anniversary Aint got time for much. No lingerie. No dinner. Love of eleven.The DogOtis out of crateAt the door, when we get home.Forgot to lock door.Downton Abbey Downton, my candy. How do I love thee, you ask. Let me count the ways.

Youth is Hot

Andy is part introvert and part extrovert. At work he is a total extrovert and can talk to anyone at any time. And talk, and talk, and talk. At home, he is an introvert. He is rarely chatty and generally does not start chatty-type conversations with me or the girls. For example, I like to have philosophical conversations about life. I might ask Andy if he thinks we will go to heaven when we die. Andy would ask a question more like this, "What are your plans tonight? Can you watch the kids because I need to go change out a lock at one of the apartments." Our responses to one another's question prompts are equally different. Andy, in response to the heaven question would say, "I don't know." I, in response to the being home question would say, "I don't understand why you have to change out that lock. Did you not just change out a lock last week? How much is it going to cost? Can't you pay someone to do it for you? This is a big problem. I'm …