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January. A bad month for articulate thoughts.

It's been weeks since my last post and I'd like to blame my new gig for that. The New Year has started off with a bang at work, leaving me with little time to write, and frankly, little time to think about writing. Unless, it's a memo, or email, or proposal, in which case I seem to be writing a lot. As I figure out how to balance going back to work full-time while still doing all the things at home that still need to be done, please allow me time to find my humor and wit. It will return. In the meantime, here's a glimpse into my world during this amazing month we call January.Gray I wake up to gray. All day it is gray, gray, gray. Gray, please go away.ColdI wake up to cold. All day it is cold, cold, cold.Cold,please go awaySnowmageddonTwo feet! Three feet! Snow!Close down the subways, go home!Oops, just a dusting.RunningJillian Michaelson YouTube while Caro dresses.Just not the same thing.Mistakes It's true. I can't lie. I got drunk on New Year's Eve. Hung…

Single White Running Female

I first met met her the last year of college. My college roommate introduced me to her. It was spring and I was feeling anxious about the uncertain future. I was also feeling crappy about how my vegetarian (aka cheese and bread)diet and college lethargy allowed me to gained 20 pounds in 4 years. It was a spring morning and we met on the track. At first, I didn't like her at all. I kind of hated her, really. She made me mad. She made me tired. She made me doubt myself. She even made me feel embarrassed. Why did my college roommate want to introduce her to me? Why would she be so mean, I wondered. It wasn't until months, and years, later, as our relationship developed, deepened, and flourished, that I began to thank my roommate for this gift. Over time, we have fallen in love. It's a love story really, one that, I hope, will stand the test of time. It's love that has grown through pain, through change, through time and age and space and reality. It's a love story ce…