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When a Dude with a Gun, in a Ski Mask, Ruined My Perfect Day

I had high hopes for today. Today was going to be the bomb. Today was the first day of my two week vacation (and by vacation I mean that I'll still do work, just not all of the time, and in my jammies.) and the babysitter was coming to watch the girls so that I could check off every itty bitty little thing that has piled up on my to-do list over the last few weeks. For the past several days, I had been day dreaming about today. It was going to be perfectly productive. I'd start the morning with a run, a glorious run since the Artic Tundra has temporarily melted. After my run, I was going to chill in the sauna at the gym. Yep. I was just going to sit there, naked, in that weird dark room, maybe with some other naked ladies and it was going to feel so awesome. After that I planned to go to Stagecoach, aka, the best darn coffee shop around, and get myself a coffee and bagel. Then off to the library to hammer through the last assignments of my career development class, aka, the c…

Spoiler Alert!

It's no big shock that I opened my mouth and got myself in trouble earlier this week. This time it was my virtual mouth, and we all know that can be the worst. Saying something stupid, online, is like spreading a highly contagious virus. Speaking of which, with all of my recent coughing and sneezing, I've been really good at spreading a germy virus around. I teach students to be social media savvy, and gosh darn it, I did so as recent as yesterday. I provide them with some rules to protect them from looking like a virtual ass, but low and behold, I fall victim to assiness every once in a while. How am I supposed to know every single rule in life, and particularly online? I'm just a simple human being, with a big mouth, who wants to over share!So, here's what went down, if you didn't get pissy pants over my FB faux pas. I watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday night. Andy was in the can and I just needed to talk about the episode. I needed to. I…