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Growing up Rosey

Sometimes, if someone were to ask me my age, I may quickly respond with a number between 18 and 22. And then I remember I'm now 31 and between me and my teenage years is a decade of the good, the bad and every growing pain in between.

My family loves to reminisce and like many, sees the past through rose colored glasses. We can all talk for hours about remember when. Most of us, who are lucky, may see the majority of their childhood this way. When life gets complicated or hard I wish that I could go back to being a kid. But I've forgotten just how hard being a kid was. One thing these days I don't worry about is who I am and what I stand for. I'm comfortable in my skin. I don't need to look like anybody else, do what anybody else likes or say what anybody else wants me to say. I have much to worry about these days but none of these are concerns on my list.

It's taken me a long time to feel secure with who I am. Life comes at me so fast I often forget that it took…

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

I like to read those "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" at the very end of mom's magazines. They are hokey as hell, but, honestly, are pretty funny. Little minds are working so fast to understand the world around them and they haven't realized yet what is ok to say and what thoughts to keep to themselves. This can make for some really interesting and highly entertaining conversations.

Speaking of conversations, I can't believe that Caroline and I are able to now have them. When she was a baby I would talk to her and of course, receive no response other than a smile or a squeal. After a year we moved on to one word conversations.

"You hungry?"

"Mana (aka banana)"

I've been amazed at how quickly the one word conversations became two words and now have turned into complete sentences, punctuated with humor and emotion. Sometimes I know exactly where the words and humor come from, and I'm scared at how well she is listening. At other times I …