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My Eureka Moment

I have loved writing this blog over the last eight years. It's been therapeutic in many ways. It has also connected me with others, either to just to give them a good laugh or maybe because I have written something they've gone through, too. Or, perhaps, it just given someone insight into my life. I've loved sharing my life through this medium, however, there is a part of my life I have previously chosen not to share- until now. Last fall, I wrote an essay in response to the question, what was your eureka moment. I decided I wasn't ready to share the essay on my blog, until this week. I wasn't sure if it was my story to tell yet I have chosen to share for two reasons- Caroline and Charlotte. Caroline has struggled with anxiety this spring and has had a lot of questions. Charlotte, my very vocal extrovert, is always there to illuminate. This week, in the car on the way to preschool, Char was listening to iTunes and she chose the song Secrets by Mary Lambert. If you…

Breaking News from Your Reputable News Source

Breaking News! Folks around this Upstate Village have reported numerous sightings, in recent days, of a man helping citizens (allegedly) in need. This man, unknown in identity, is tall, handsome, appears quite snuggly, and drives a small, black hatchback. This mystery man is leaving a memorable mark on our little town and has being fondly referred to as our new superhero, Micromanage-Man. "I was loading my dishwasher yesterday," Sally Stay-At-Home Mom told this reporter, "And, suddenly a guy walked into my kithen and started re-arranging all of the dirty dishes in my dishwasher. He didn't look me in the eye, but he was sure I heard him say that the plates must be arranged in such a way or else the water won't get on them and they'll come out with food on them." When asked if he introduced himself, she said, "No, he never even told me his name. When he marched out the door, he said to me, "Never put the plastic on the bottom again or it's …