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Dust in the Wind

At some point in my life, a few years back, I stopped waiting for my future and starting living in the here and now. And some time during this period I started getting old. I once heard the morbid statement that a person is dying from the moment they are born. I suppose this is true but during our childhood we are too busy growing and learning to realize that our growth and accomplishments are a sign that we are one day closer to our last. In our late teens and twenties we are just surviving and can hardly think toward the future to worry about much beyond how to function as an adult in society.

Having children ages us or at least makes us aware of our age, for many reasons. The physical act of producing a child made my body age. Before Caroline's conception I was an agile, active twenty-something who could still perform the same gymnastics tricks I had when I was 15. After carrying and delivering her, my back knotted up, I could barely bend over to change her diaper and had …

Man Hater? You Be the Judge.

I'm a girls' girl. I don't mean a girly girl. I don't know how to wear make up and don't shop weekly to keep up with the latest fashions. I'm not afraid to get dirt under my nails and I have a dirty and sarcastic sense of humor that guys appreciate more than women. Yet, I witnessed a certain type of gender dynamic early in my life and decided that women get the short end of the stick. As a fellow female I decided it would be my job to support and defend all the amazing things that women do and don't get credit for.

It was natural choice for me to attend an all-women's college where men (and mostly my sexual dynamic with them) could not interfere in my education and where I could develop strong, lasting relationships with, of course, more powerful and amazing women. I've continued, through my life, to make many wonderful friends, most of them female. But my sexual orientation has aligned me to spend the rest of my life side-by-side with none other t…