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Because I Said So

I'd say I've lived a restrained life. I'm not a nun, please. My high school and college friends can attest to my wild ways and bad decisions. But still. I've generally been a good girl and a rule follower. The older I get the more rules I follow and it seems, the more I make for myself. By nature, I find comfort in rules and in being conservative in my actions. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a gal healthy, wealthy and wise. Drive the speed limit. Only have one glass of wine when going out. Just two cookies a day, and not until after dinner. Don't spend more than $100 on groceries. Shut the water off when brushing teeth or shaving in the shower. Always make your bed. Fold the clothes as soon as they are dry. Only stay out, and away from the girls, no more than 2 nights a week. Always put your keys on the right hand side of the key chain. Make sure all the right shoes are stored on the right and the left on the left- toes pointed out. Fill up the tank when it'…

I Miss Them Already

5:15. The sun has yet to shine its rays between my curtains. I push the clock toward my face, and in the process, push my glasses to the floor. I'm now wide awake, on hands and knees, searching for my eyes. I find them under the bed and I set them where they belong. I adjust to the darkness of the day that is yet to come and shrug out of my fleece armor- socks, pants, turtleneck. 5:25. In the far corner of my house, in a small room, under a window facing the woods, I fall out of my life before I've woken long enough to recall what the day brings. Netflix and chill. The time ticks as my feet plod along the treadmill. Bed now feels hours away, or at least 30 minutes away as I'm now 30 minutes distanct from quiet dreams and 30 minutes closer to reality. 6:30. Sweaty and tired, in a good way, I walk through the house clicking on lights and quietly whispering the morning war cry: Rise and shine! Good morning! Rise and shine! Yes, it's a school day. Another one. Just like …