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Post-Baby Blues

I've been feeling down in the dumps lately. I've got a bit of the post-baby blues. Don't worry, I wouldn't say I am suffering from post partum depression. I have bonded nicely with my baby, I've stopped hating Andy (usually ends within the first six weeks after childbirth), and I don't cry uncontrollably. I've just hit a rough patch. Charlottte is now almost five months old and I'm back to work.

The grind is grinding on my terribly. While I'm a big planner, the amount of time and pre-planning that goes into preparing for each day is taking its toll. The days are getting longer and we start each morning before the sun rises. It's a frantic, choreographed modern dance routine where the four of us fling ourselves around one another (well, Charlotte rolls), grabbing tooth brushes, hair brushes, bananas and wake-me-up beverages (for me, still- decaf coffee) within a 60-minute span. We rush out the door, our hearts pumping, and the girls fortunately s…

Blog of Substance

I just realized that a blogging buddy of mine has given me a blogging award! She has deemed my weekly ramblings as a "Blog of Substance." In order to accept this award I must:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded it to me.

2. Sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words.

3. Pass it on to 10 other blogs that have real substance.

Many thanks to Jessica, who started as my chemistry buddy in high school and has become a big supporter of my blog. Jess, it is people like you that have motivated me to keep writing about my life. When I first starting writing I only sent the link to my mom because I knew that she wouldn't (couldn't) ever tell me it sucked. Slowly, over time, I came out of the blog closet and have shared A Mom's Life with more and more friends until building the courage to feed the blog to my facebook page. Some day I want to publish this blog, on paper. Underneath the title will read, "Over 100,000 facebook thumbs up!"

My philo…