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Reflections on Summer with the Girls

I've been thinking all week long about how to summarize my summer home with the girls. For me, one who is never short on words, I just can't quite figure out how to explain the last eight weeks.A poem, or two, perhaps?How quickly work fades/When two little faces smile./Can I stop time, please?A real summer here,/Made for easy days at lake./Everyone is tan.Three mile point love./Makes winters here easier./Beautiful upstate.Caro is a fish./Handstands, front crawl, doggy paddle./So proud of my girl.Char pees on the pot/sometimes but not every time./She gets candy, yay!Oh Canada trip./Thank you to Grams and Opa./Memories for life.Visits with Nana./Got in the lake, yes she did!/So proud of her, too!Days spent with good friends./Playing is so tiring./Let it never end.Me: stay at home mom./Borderline insanity./Hardest job ever.In trying to draft something for this post, I looked back at my posts from last year at this time and I felt relief. Well, first, I felt really bad for myself.…

Warning: This Blog Contains S*&^^ and Poop

*I apologize to Andy, and my friend Elise,or your granny, or you, if my use of profanity or the word poop offends you.* This has been the shittiest summer ever. You guys! I'm serious! I had no idea how much food children consume nor how much poop they, in turn, produce. We are frequest grocery store shoppers, so much so that I'm pretty sure we're close to getting a free tank of gas, or at least a highly discounted rate each week. Here's what our summer days, in relation to food, look like:7:00 am: Children wake up. 7:02 am: Kids tell me they are starving. 7:03 am: I feed them breakfast. 7:08 am: I offer drink refills and seconds. 8:15 am: They tell me they are starving. 8:20 am: They eat the breakfast I just got around to making for myself. 10:00 am: Snack 11:00 am: They eat everything out of the cooler I just packed for the beach. 12:00 pm: They tell me they are starving. 12:01-4:00 pm: At the beach, they eat everything out of our cooler and then they stalk the beac…