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A Creative Piece Part II

She stood at the refrigerator with the door open, staring. A lack of interest, and little success with cooking, left her inept in the kitchen. She stared past the jar of pickles, the hummus that someone had eaten partially with their fingers, the half consumed pb&j sandwich, and the well-stocked-with-beer bottom shelf. Nothing came to her mind. Not just about what to make. Nothing at all could fit in her head that pounded and was too full of thoughts and to-do's. She shut the door and sighed. A small child banshee screamed and careened at her, a small plastic chair flew across the dirty linoleum floor and bounced off of her legs. She closed her eyes and promised she wouldn't yell because she was better than that. She'd promised herself she would not take her tiredness and stress out on her children. She opened her mouth and shouted: "Knock it off! You- put that chair back in your room. You- stop screaming. Stop. Stop. Stop. I am tired and I had a long day and Mom…

That Crazy Person Running During the Polar Vortex Was Me.

People have been questioning my sanity this winter. I have chosen to continue running (and increase my mileage, to boot) regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. You can tell me all about how crazy I am or the potential harm that can come from my chosen winter activity. Thank you for your opinion but this is my blog so let me tell you why I am doing it. I like the excitement of new sensations, like: Hair freezing Eyelashes freezing together Wind whiplash Exposing my naked bum to 0 degree weather while peeing behind a tree (Ok, so I totally don't even bother to go behind a tree. I pee on the side of the road.) Being really sweaty, and then super cold, all at the same time Frozen boogs The burn of my fingers un-thawing after I'm done The fear of seeing a snow plow up close and personal The oyster-like feel of swallowing Gu The odd warmness of coating your face in Vaseline. The heavenliness of coffee post-run. Here are some other general reasons why I like to run in …