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You Had a Tantrum? I'm So Jealous!

Last year, on one of our many visits to the health clinic, we discovered in the waiting room that Charlotte had a fat, feeding tick above one of her ears. Luckily for us we were able to slide into an open spot with the pede for quick tick removal. Except- it wasn't that easy. This little bastard was clinging to Charlotte for dear life and the doctor used a little tool to twist and pull the tick while the nurse held my little, beautiful baby by her arms and legs as she screamed at the top of her lungs. I was upset by the whole thing and I'm pretty sure the pediatrician and nurse broke a sweat but poor Caroline practically lost her mind watching her sister squirm in pain.

She and I sat away from the scene, watching it unfold from a corner in the room. As Charlotte wailed, Caroline responded. The louder Charlotte's screams, the more agitated Caroline became until finally she was rolling around on the ground, legs and arms shaking at the ceiling. By the end, I cradled a moan…

I'm Gonna Cry, Cry, Cry

I cry quite a bit. It's basically my reaction to just about everything. Whether I'm mad, glad, happy or sad, I'm going to bawl. I can try my very best to bury the tears inside but I have no poker face. As soon as I feel the air welling up in my chest, the lump in my throat, I'm a goner. Here's a brief list of the things I've cried over of late:

-The girls breaking the sunglasses my mother-in-law just bought me. I only wore them once!
-In a work meeting after watching a 9/11 Tribute.
-After reading or watching anything related to 9/11.
-Watching the commercial with the dad talking to his daughter before she drives away in the car, you know, the one where he sees her as a little girl and not a teen.
-Watching the girls warm up to Katy Perry's Firework before the Girls on the Run 5k.
-While running next to Caroline in the GOTR 5k.
-The very beginning of any race I've ever particpated in. There's something about watching others meet a goal, and me accomplis…

To Caroline

Six years ago you were
a wish upon a star.
A quiet realization that
I wanted more in my life.

Five years ago we were one.
You filled my belly with life
and my heart with hope.

Four years ago I held you in my arms.
You called me Mama
and I wondered how I would ever
let you go.

Three years ago we walked hand-in-hand
but you walked ahead every so often.
I worried that I need you more than you needed me.

Two years ago I looked at you
as if for the first time,
and your soulful eyes smiled back at me.
My little girl.

One year ago we sat across from one another
and had an actual conversation.
I was proud of the woman
you will one day become.

Today I wished upon a star and my heart filled with hope.
I held you in my arms and we walked hand-in-hand.
Today I looked into your soulful eyes.
You smiled back at me and just like every day since you were born,
I was proud of the woman you will one day be and the girl you are now.