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One Step Ahead

When you are a parent you are expected to be one step ahead of the kids at all times. You must be able to anticipate the childrens' needs and wants before the need or want is expressed. Otherwise, it can cause big problems for the kids and you. For example: Babies will be hungry. You must have food to feed them. This means formula and a bottle or an available breast. If it's a breast, you may have to plan your own meals ahead, knowing that what you eat impacts the digestion of your baby. Along the breast-theme, you have to plan ahead for where you are going to feed the baby, which may be the dressing room of a Wal-Mart if you are out shopping, or the back seat of your minivan. You also have to plan what you wear. It's not fun for anyone if you decided one morning to wear a dress and then later you try to nurse your baby. Don't forget to buy, and travel with, those uncomfortable nursing pads. (It's like wear a maxi pad on your nipple.) It can also be awkward if you…

About Being Late, Being Imperfect, and Being OK About It

Andy was upset with me this morning because I didn't take my boots off before putting the groceries away. I tracked mud all over the floor. I wasn't that upset about it because I knew that I could mop it up after putting the groceries away. This afternoon I was mad at Andy because he tracked snow in on his boots when bringing in pellets. I stepped in the snow and got my sock wet and had to change my sock. Andy didn't seem too upset about the snow because he knew that it would melt and he could clean it up, or if our socks got wet we simply could change them. Every night, Andy leaves a glass of water or soda on the fireplace mantle. It drives me nuts! Every night, I leave a glass of water or milk in the picture window and it drives Andy nuts! I asked Andy to stop doing laundry because he leaves it in the dryer and then all the clothes are really wrinkly. He asked me why it is not ok for him to leave the clothes in the dryer and let them get all wrinkly but sometimes I do t…