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A week in Goshen

We just returned from what folks call vacation and I call "going somewhere overnight with my kids". The girls and I spent 6 days and 7 nights at my parents' house. Since I am still trying to absorb the good, the bad and the ugly moments of the trip I've decided to summarize the week with a few haikus. I hope to write a more articulate summation of the week once I've unpacked, done some laundry and slept in my own bed for a few nights.

Hotter than Hades.
Girls, Mom, me head to the lake.
Hello, two foot snake!

Old people and dogs.
Little kids with grabby hands.
Not a good combination.

Visit with Smitty.
Eat sushi and Go Berry.
I heart my old friend.

Yoga in Goshen.
Moe and me do downward dog.
Smile, breathe, namaste.

Hot, hot, hot summertime.
Afraid of a snake? Not me.
'Til one more swims by.

Kids love mom so much.
Stuck to me like super glue.
Give me a damn break.

Your kids are whiny,
I am told by the old folk.
Children should be seen, not heard.

Bought Tina Fey's book.
Thanks f…

Tot Tantrum Rehab

Move over Dr. Drew and Super Nanny, there's a new therapist in town. That's right, I'm proud to welcome you all to Tot Tantrum Rehab. I'm Dr. Mommy and I'm now in the house and here to rid my tot of her totally terrible tantrums.

When she was a toddler, Caroline had the typical two-year-old tantrums due to lack of communication skills and growing emotions and needs. I'm a bit baffled that as a near five-year old, she continues to have hand slapping, foot stomping, scream-til-you-puke fits. It ramped up last year before Charlotte was born and we all knew it was because she was worried about her status as Our Family's Top Tot and the many changes occurring in our home. Last summer I spent what felt like endless evenings (mind, you- alone) with two screaming children and me in the bathroom hoping they'd both screech themselves to sleep. A year later and Charlotte has a great bed-time routine an Caroline had seemed to adjust nicely to the new family dynamic.…