A week in Goshen

We just returned from what folks call vacation and I call "going somewhere overnight with my kids". The girls and I spent 6 days and 7 nights at my parents' house. Since I am still trying to absorb the good, the bad and the ugly moments of the trip I've decided to summarize the week with a few haikus. I hope to write a more articulate summation of the week once I've unpacked, done some laundry and slept in my own bed for a few nights.

Hotter than Hades.
Girls, Mom, me head to the lake.
Hello, two foot snake!

Old people and dogs.
Little kids with grabby hands.
Not a good combination.

Visit with Smitty.
Eat sushi and Go Berry.
I heart my old friend.

Yoga in Goshen.
Moe and me do downward dog.
Smile, breathe, namaste.

Hot, hot, hot summertime.
Afraid of a snake? Not me.
'Til one more swims by.

Kids love mom so much.
Stuck to me like super glue.
Give me a damn break.

Your kids are whiny,
I am told by the old folk.
Children should be seen, not heard.

Bought Tina Fey's book.
Thanks for the comic relief.
Worth the twenty bucks.

Swimming in a pool,
Brings relief without snakes.
Good times with cousins.

Pray for a good day.
Little girls are angelic.
Makes mommy smile.

Moe is the best mom.
Loving, supportive woman.
I love her so much.

Already back home.
Trip is just a memory.
Here, there, home sweet home.


smitty said…
miss you already
but wait! we'll see each other
next weekend! super.

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