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Five o'clock used to be my favorite time of day, for the obvious reason that work was over and I could do whatever I wanted with my evening. Since I used to be a morning runner, I actually have no idea what I once did with my work nights other than eat dinner in front of the TV, but it was relaxing, nevertheless. I ate what I wanted, watched TV shows of my choosing and fell asleep as early or late as my body determined reasonable.

Kids make life after 5 pm (and before 9 am) very hectic and tiring. The post-work routine includes rushing to preschool/daycare, bundling kids up, having snacks ready for the car ride and dodging deer for 27 miles of darkness (and often, snow and sleet). Once home, we make multiple trips in from the car, carrying kids, bags, kid's crafts and trash. Then we get everyone out of winter and work wear, rush around like crazy getting more snacks for kids while we make dinner, serve dinner, get up and down while getting more drinks, more helpings and dropped…

Oh the Places You'll Nurse

Today is your day.
You've just had a baby.
You're off and away!

You have milk in your breasts.
You have yet to snooze.
You are ready to feed your baby
any time you (and she) choose.

You feel like you are on your own. And you know what you know.

And you are the girl who will decide how it'll go.

You provide the food your baby eats. Look her over with care.
With your chest full of milk and your bag full of dipes,
you're armed with onesies and burp cloths and wipes.

And you may not need any
advice that folks give.
And we agree, of course,
it's your life you've gotta live.

It's scarier out there
in the new mom air.

Out there, babies happen
and frequently do
to people as nurturing
and loving as you.

And when baby starts to get hungry
don't worry. Don't stew.
Just pop out your boob,
you both know what to do.

Oh, the places you'll nurse!

On and on you will nurse.
And I know you'll nurse a lot.
And you'll grow your little baby
'til she turns into a tot.