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I just realized that a blogging buddy of mine has given me a blogging award! She has deemed my weekly ramblings as a "Blog of Substance." In order to accept this award I must:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded it to me.

2. Sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words.

3. Pass it on to 10 other blogs that have real substance.

Many thanks to Jessica, who started as my chemistry buddy in high school and has become a big supporter of my blog. Jess, it is people like you that have motivated me to keep writing about my life. When I first starting writing I only sent the link to my mom because I knew that she wouldn't (couldn't) ever tell me it sucked. Slowly, over time, I came out of the blog closet and have shared A Mom's Life with more and more friends until building the courage to feed the blog to my facebook page. Some day I want to publish this blog, on paper. Underneath the title will read, "Over 100,000 facebook thumbs up!"

My philosophy on blogging is to keep it real and keep it honest. I've written this before. Some readers do not like what I have to say, men in particular. I don't care. I'm writing for me. But I do really like it when others tell me that what I've written resonates with them. There is comfort is knowing we are not alone.

I have just four words to sum up my blog, and my life, which are:

I love my life.

Writing this blog has been the best way for me to let everyone know this. Being a mom and a wife have been the most challenging and by far, the most rewarding roles of my life. A Mom's Life is my way of saying thank you to karma, to God, to fate and to all of the amazing people who have touched me in some way.

There are so many amazing writers out there. I have to give props to BlogHer which has done an amazing job of uniting women bloggers and providing a place (on the web and in person) for women to come together in blogdom). So, that's the source I go to first when blog searching. The following list includes blogs I've greatly enjoyed and some new ones you have recommended to me. Happy reading!

An International Affair (my friend Jessica): who is witty and honest, two things I highly value.
Kelle Hampton- specifically this post: Warning- this will make you cry.
Stand and Deliver
The Cloth Diaper Whisperer helps me with my new obsession. because I love photos of food. a lovely momma blog. because this is a fabulous idea and I wish Andy talked in his sleep. Less for the words and more for the photos- I love laundry. Again, not a blog to read but to view- because I always wanted to be a dancer. I really don't like this blog but it is Andy's and he'd like for you to read it.


Awww... Thanks Melissa! I love reading your blog. In fact, it inspired me to start blogging myself. And very nice summary of your motivation for blogging. Hopefully soon we can be friends in real life again - look forward to catching up with you Stateside sometime soon. But until then, you know that I will keep reading!

BTW - I LOVE Sleep Talking Man. It's so hilarious. I wish I had a boyfriend who talked in his sleep. Actually, I will just settle for the boyfriend. ;)
UpStateMommy said…
Jess- yes, hope to SEE you soon! Andy does a bit of sleep talking. Mostly about work so it's not too funny. My mom talks in her sleep a lot and as kids we had a good time taling back to her!

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