TomKat or AndMel?

Over the weekend I had "my hour". Sixty whole minutes at the gym including 30 on the new treadmill and the latest In Style magazine to read while I sweat it out to my itunes. I happily flipped and thumped along, checking out the latest hand bags and arm cuffs until I got to an article about Katie Holmes. I had to flip back and forth several times to admire one of my favorite Hollywood pieces of eye candy. How can she and I have children almost the same age and she can look like that and have run a marathon this year?

No matter what we all tell ourselves about celebs, we still envy them or just can't help but stare at their image in a magazine and read all about how they've found themselves via religion, rehab or marriage to Tom Cruise.

My favorite part of the article was Katie recalling Suri's birth story. She says something about how supportive Tom was by placing candles and picture frames around the room. That's helpful? If Andy was lighting candles during Caroline's birth he would have been quickly and angrily directed to be of actual assistance in helping his child enter into the world. And who were the people in the picture frames? That's all I would have needed to see my dad, mom, brother or say, in-laws smiling back at me while I grunted and screamed. No- Andy was rubbing my back and then, for three hours, supporting my entire body weight while I squatted, pushed and screamed a baby out of my body. He was able to cut the cord and make all the "it's a girl!" calls before going home sometime in the middle of the night because there was no place for him to sleep in the hospital.

If you haven't heard Caroline's brith story, just let me know and I'll happily tell you all about it. If you have heard it or seen the video, (yes, we had a video camera) you know just how proud I am of that moment in my life. That day changed my life and who I am as a person. It made me whole and complete. You can ask Andy, too, and he'll also share his version of the event. And I can tell you, he won't mention candles or picture frames.


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