My Baby BFF

Besides the whole "flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood" thing Charlotte and I have going on, we have a great deal in common. Which is good because we spend a lot of time together.
  • We both love to sleep. Let me elaborate: We can fall asleep at any time, even when people are talking to us; we go to bed really early; we like to eat in bed; we'd rather be sleeping; we fall asleep on long car rides (when I'm the passenger); we like to snuggle. We love naps.
  • Our favorite drink is milk; mine has to be flavored and in coffee; hers has to be warm and come from a nipple.
  • Our favorite yoga pose is happy baby. I, however, am unable to suck my toe.
  • Caroline makes us laugh and smile but she also pushes our buttons.
  • Same goes for Andy.
  • We like to watch a little TV but not too much.
  • We don't like shots or getting our blood drawn.
  • We are easily amused. For twenty minutes she stared and smiled at the dish towels drying on the rack in the laundry room while I stared at the wall and sang while walking on the treadmill.
  • Neither of us has very much hair.
  • We do have chunky thighs.
  • We like to eat and we are big on comfort foods. We have nice pot bellies.
  • We like to laugh and it doesn't take much to make us giggle. All she needs is a tummy raspberry. I need a little cat-playing-piano on YouTube.
  • We love our moms (and our dads, but have more loyalty to mum.)
  • If we are tired or hungry we get really, really pissed.
  • If nobody is paying attention to us we get even pissier.
  • Most of the time we have no idea what is going on.

I can only hope that as she grows older my baby and I will continue to share interests, likes, dislikes and personality traits. I'm pretty sure we'll be sharing dental woes in a few years as she gets braces and I go for my dentures. And Caroline and Andy will always make us laugh and always push our buttons. But, the one thing I hope we continue to share is our constant love and affection for our moms.


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