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Hello 2011

Last January, for the first time, I considered and shared my New Year's resolutions. In preparation for today's post, I looked back at what I'd written a year ago, to see if I had any success keeping my promises and intentions. To recap, I said that I would: have a fit pregnancy (check! I gained only the recommended amount and had a fantastic labor and delivery), read more (semi-check because I still watch way more TV than I should), stay in touch (check! as I predicted, I obsessively check facebook and text message), be a better mom and wife (semi-check, again, as predicted, I swore and stomped my feet a lot BUT I think that I'm doing pretty good as a mom of two and Andy keeps me around for some reason), learn a foreign language and play an instrument(semi-check, I do practice my Spanish several times a year at a Spanish supper club but the instrument has yet to be conquered.) Looking back, I'm not ashamed that I shared these goals with the cyber world and I'm not surprised that I only sort of accomplished any of them.

Due to my semi-check success, I'd like to put forth my resolutions once again. I think that I only have a 50 % chance of making these resolutions come to fruition but that's better than not having any goals or not meeting any goal to any extent. Without further ado, here we go!

The Reach Goals:

1. Have a bikini body by summer.
2. Stress less about work and have more confidence in myself as a professional.
3. Eat healthier.
4. Be more environmentally conscious.
5. Volunteer.
6. Spend time alone with my husband.
7. Run the Boilermaker 15K again.
8. Go to the beach- that is, the ocean.

The Real Goals:
1. Buy a one-piece that doesn't make me look like a blueberry or grape. (I'm ok'ing spending $98 on this suit as long as it makes my butt and belly look smaller than they really are.)
2. Sadly, I will stress out a ton about my job and push Andy to the point of insanity for listening to me talk about it but then I'll chill out and relax over the summer. I'll update my resume and realize I've accomplished more than I thought.
3. We got a Foreman grill and I've already used it twice. It's the lean, mean grilling machine, right?
4. I'll keep using cloth diapers for Charlotte (weekends only) and continue composting. With gas prices sky rocketing, I'm sure I'll keep carpooling with Andy. We've also talked about saving money for a down payment on a hybrid vehicle(to purchase in, like, 5 years).
5. I really do want to volunteer and hope to incorporate the girls in some way, or at least Caroline. Andy and I also talked about spending some time at a soup kitchen. Last year I contacted the local Hospice office and never heard back. I'm going to call again.
6. This may be the most difficult of all. Andy has no interest in taking time off of work to have some R&R with me and our budget doesn't exactly support a romantic weekend away. Yet, I'm semi-checking this one right now. As I sit on the couch and type this post, he is parked on the futon, checking email and watching Tropic Thunder. The kids are asleep. I think this counts as being alone together.
7. Run the Boilermaker 15k. Next to birthing my kids, I am most proud of completing this amazingly fun road race. I look forward to doing it again this year. Who wants to join me? I couldn't have done it before without the help and camaraderie of friends.
8. Go to the local lake and watch my kids soak in the sun and play in the sand. Go often and stay until sun set.

I look back at the last year of posts and I'm filled with happiness. I write this blog to stay connected with friends and family and to entertain those who take the time to read, but moreover, I write to document my life, my successes and challenges. I look forward to working on my New Year's resolutions, reflecting on them and sharing it all with you. Thanks for reading and happy New Year!


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