When You Give a Toddler a Sippy

If you give a todller a sippy cup,
she will throw it on the floor.
When you give her back the cup,
she'll shake it upside down on her tray.
Then she'll throw it back on the floor.
You'll have to tell her "all done."
She'll start to tear up, ball her fists
and cry "NOOOOO!"
She'll point at it with her finger.
You'll give in and hand it to her.
When she's all done eating she'll want to get out of her chair to play.
Except she'll see an old piece of macaroni in the chair.
When she's all done eating it, she'll want another piece.
She'll ask you for more.
Then you'll heat her more mac and she'll see the strawberries in the fridge.
Seeing the strawberries will make her crave fruit.
She'll rock her chair, bounce up and down and say, "berry, berry."
You'll cut up some fruit.
Once she has the fruit,
she'll squish it between her fingers.
You'll get her a wet paper towel.
She'll probably put it in her mouth.
The paper towel will remind her that she's hungry,
so she'll grunt for more strawberries.
You'll get her mac and fruit.
She'll point to a biscuit.
When she's no longer hungry,
she'll throw the rest on the floor.
Then she'll try to stand up in her high chair.
She'll see her sister drinking milk and having a snack!
And chances are, when her sister gives her some snack,
she'll want you to give her a sippy cup.


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