To My Valentine

Met at CGP

You thought I'd never get in

Weird girl with tattoo.

I thought you were fat,

obnoxious and arrogant.

Smoker. Hot Pockets.

A night at the bar

Our love blossomed at The Pratt.

Museums and booze mixed.

We became best friends

Destiny. Fate. Forever.

Others said we would not last.

Married in the fall

Surrounded by family

and friends at "The Farm".

We wanted so much.

We bought a house and got jobs

Do this together.

Let's have a baby

What a really great idea!

Caro: life never the same.

Along came Charlotte

we, a family of four

Full of love. No sleep.

The time slips away

as we figure it all out.

Work, kids, each other.

Sixteen years of us.

Loving my life with you, Dear.

Time flies when it's fun.

Now we have gray hair,

we are missing some teeth and

fall asleep at eight.

Our love is not old.

Our love, instead, is timeless.

Thank you, Valentine.


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