Earth Mama

It's already another Monday yet I barely had to time think about it as we got ready for work. My back-to-the-grind morning routine is as follows: 5:45 fend off the cat Abner as he licks my neck and hair. 5:55 fend off dog who pushes her wet nose at me and stares at me. 6:00 hit super loud alarm clock. 6:09 hit super loud alarm clock. 6:15 knock cat off bed. 6:17 turn off alarm clock before it goes off again. 6:18-22 try to get dry eyes open, look for pet dishes without tripping over any of them. 6:25 wake up Caroline and get pee on side of my pants from her wet diaper. 6:25-7:00 rush between bathroom, kitchen and dining room getting dressed and feeding Caroline while Andy spends quality time on the pot. 7:00-7:15 try to eat and "stylize" via eye lash curler and blush. 7:15-7:35 think you are ready but rush around taking forever to leave and then realize Caroline pooped her pants as soon as you shut the door. (unlock door, change diaper)
On this Monday, I dropped Caroline off at day care and didn't think about going to work until I shut the door to her classroom. I had a second of sadness about leaving her behind, heading to the office and lamenting the end of the weekend when I opened the front door to the building and a soft, gentle breeze enveloped me. This morning was one of transition from warm and balmy to cool and fall-like and the breeze was comforting, as though it was wrapping its arms around me to tell me it's all going to be ok. Up until that point I hadn't even noticed the temperature or even, the environment around me. As the wind gently blew, I watched the parents unload their children and hurry back to their cars, barely looking up to notice others in the parking lot. I watched the leaves flutter back and forth and noticed their changing colors from green to yellow and red. I listened to the sound of gravel under tires as cars drove up to the school and heard the faint sound of peepers quieting, quieting after a busy night.
7:40. 7:41. My heart has calmed and I feel warm inside. 7:42 and I'm back in the car, ready to do it all over again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. Soon, it will be dark in the morning before work and dark on the way home. Then I will look back to this moment and remember the gentle breeze its reminders of the craziness and simple joy of the daily grind.


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