Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Dedicated to my friend Bill.
Procrastination led me to my addiction and I've been hooked ever since that day. Three o'clock in the afternoon on a typical work day is a giant hump for me. A few years ago I was looking for something to prevent me from wasting the almost-but-not-quite -5pm count down with web surfing or cat napping. Naturally my search for amusement brought me to the staff break room which sometimes offered up some form of half eaten, (you know there is always that person who can't eat the whole cookie or donut and has to cut it in half) stale sugar treat. While the snacks were sporadic, the coffee was always consistent.
My former colleagues are die-hard coffee drinkers and the pot was usually full and hot from 8 in the morning until just about 4:30 in the afternoon. On that fateful aforementioned afternoon, I looked at the pot and thought, "Why not? When in Rome, do as the Romans." I filled the cup with black as night java, added 2 heaps of sugar, a bunch of International Delight and voila! I had an instant sugar high and as I sipped, the afternoon zipped and zoomed along.
As it goes with most additions, my passion for coffee has increased with time. In the months after Caroline's birth I couldn't get the drink into my body fast enough. Many times, when we'd wake up for a 4:30 feeding I would envision filling a needle with coffee and injecting it directly into my veins. I'm not a snob about which types I like, although Dunkin Donuts is a real treat, Starbucks makes me jumpy and cracked out and the coffee at daycare (for the parents, not the kiddies) might as well be flavored water.
Often times, when the alarm goes off and I peek open my eyes, my first thought is, "YAY! It's morning! Coffee time!" The calm in my early day activity is clasping the warm travel mug in my hand as I drive to work. It starts my day, every day. Even if I try to avoid drinking it, my will power fails me and I run to the cafe at lunch.
On the weekends and my days off I make plans that involve enjoying a hot beverage. The perfect day may be to go to breakfast with friends or take a walk and play in the park. And to get a good cup of coffee. There is a reason strollers come with drink holders. There is a reason cars come with drink holders. There is a reason treadmills come with drink holders. Just kidding! In the mornings the gym offers free coffee until 10 am so on my day off I make sure to finish up my work out in time to get a cup before heading home.
When coffee is in hand, there is peace in my heart. No slice of pizza, scoop of ice cream, glass of wine or chocolate bar can compare to the power of java joe. Drink up!


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