Anybody Wanna Buy a Collection?

Andy decided we need need an addition on our house to fit all of his junk. The beloved September 11th collection that I banished to the garage is becoming warped and needs to come back to a temperature controlled environment. I am a trained museum professional and this issue has me torn up inside. I understand the historical value of Andy's collection of random crap related to the September 11th attacks and know that it needs to be preserved in order for the story to be told to future generations. We recount history through material culture. I get it. I spent 50 grand to get a Masters in this exact topic. But, why couldn't Andy collect something nice or pretty? I like depression glass, cook books and Fiesta Ware. All are attractive and can actually drive the decorative scheme of a room.
What can you do with a red, white and blue, size 12 tennis sneaker or a 4-foot replica of an 18-wheeler displaying the names of the 9/11 victims? How about toilet paper with a photo of Bin Laden that says, "Wipe out Terrorism" or a Guliani bobble head doll? It's not like these are the types of objects you place in your curio cabinet or on your mantel. Ah, but wait, not in our house! Andy thinks these are exactly the types of objects one should place prominently on display. Right now, we have a crock with a painting of Flight 93 on our mantel.
I've tried to express to Andy that while I believe in including antiques and unique objects to our homescape, I don't think mass marketed memorabilia commemorating a disaster would be what Martha had in mind in her last issue of Living when she suggested adding "items of character" to your home.
In an attempt to compromise with my obsessed hubby, I've agreed to let the collection have a room of its own in the addition. Or at least a sizable, heat and humidity controlled closet in the corner farthest away from the living room mantel. I'm hoping to use this as my bargaining chip for that master bath jacuzzi tub.

By the way, Andy would like for you to visit:


Sadiemaa said…
I love reading your blog-it reminds me why I liked you so much in high school and thought you were super funny.

I noticed that you mistyped Andy's website's address and wondered if it was your subconscious speaking :)
UpStateMommy said…
Hmm, you bring up a good point..."must have been a typo"....

I'll get "right on" getting the correct web address!

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